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Advanced control systems


Replicates any fire scenario

from oil & gas equipment to a domestic cooker, a ship interior to a motor car, an aircraft to a waste bin


Impressive portfolio

of military, civilian fire service, industrial and training clients at home and abroad

Process Combustion has developed a formidable and effective range of authentic firefighting training systems that can deal with all hazardous fire environments.

Our modular and mobile units can replicate real-life experiences with realistic but controllable flames with very low emissions.

Unprecedented experience of working in combustible environments

As a company steeped in the manufacture of combustion related products for the oil, gas and chemical industries over the last 30 years, we have accumulated a bedrock of technical expertise from which our firefighting systems have evolved. The resulting clean burn technology expertise now goes into our LPG fuelled burner designs. Offering realistic fires, with instant shutdown, low emissions and minimal clean-up, Process Combustion’s firefighting equipment is reliable, proven and safe. If real or artificial smoke is required as part of the training package this can be added with clean up systems.

Years Experience

Realistic training features

We have created a range of modular and mobile firefighting training systems that can replicate different environments including buildings, ships, aircraft and industrial equipment. A variety of add-ons are available to add authenticity including features such as doors, windows, access hatches and access stairways. Our structures can be arranged in single or multiple floor levels with in-built platforms to enable ladder drills and high work training.

Conditions such as flashover and rollover can be created with smoke, variable lighting, sound systems, heating and humidity controls to increase the realism of a hazardous real fire environment.

Stop-Start Fire Technology increases training time

Process Combustion’s ability to stop and re-start different fire situations through our remote control, hand held system allows training officers to regulate the fire’s duration and intensity according to the competency of the firefighters being trained. It also means being able to either re-configure the fire or move to a different fire scenario without the need for lengthy clean-up time.  Multiple fires can be staged simultaneously. Our custom made control systems are designed to internationally recognised standards and are built, tested and commissioned by our own in-house engineers.

Our Installations speak for themselves

Famous name clients include the Royal Navy firefighting schools at HMS Excellent and HMS Raleigh; Indian Navy, Qatar Petroluem, Mearsk, Saudi Border Guard, Singapore Civil Defence; RAF Lakenheath, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service amongst many others.


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