Industrial and Commercial Combustion Systems


PROCESS COMBUSTION LTD™'s provides an extensive range of products and applicable support services based on combustion and heat transfer technology. Our industrial and commercial combustion systems are used in a wide range of processes and industries.

Located in Harrogate, England, we offer a wealth of experience in specialist combustion engineering, heat transfer and controls which are used in the design and manufacture of products produced by Process Combustion. We can provide an extensive service from conceptual studies through detailed design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and comprehensive after-sales support.

Since our formation, we have gained a reputation for technical innovation and reliability, together with excellent quality and service. Our industrial and commercial combustion systems are second to none.


Process Combustion endeavors to supply solutions that meet the customer’s needs, are energy efficient and have minimal environmental impact. We strive to continually advance our technology to meet this objective. Burners used in our industrial and commercial combustion systems are designed to help reduce emissions and provide customers with clean burn technology.

Process Combustion has considerable experience supplying solutions in many countries around the world and to customers in a variety of industries. These industries include nuclear facilities and processors or manufacturers of oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, vehicle, paper and pulp, printing, glass manufacturing and more. Customers include both private and governmental sectors, along with multinational engineering (and contracting) companies, as well as end users with large purchasing power.

Process Combustion Ltd - Industrial and Commercial Combustion Systems
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