Controlled harnessing of process energy for efficient and safe heating solutions

Industrial processes demand heating systems that are efficient, reliable, safe and accurately controllable. Process Combustion’s Process Heaters have been successfully installed in a wide variety of industrial applications including manufacturing, production, finishing, transportation and storage sectors.

Our custom made Process Heaters can handle a variety of fluid streams including:

  • Hot air
  • Hot water
  • Steam
  • Water/glycol mixture
  • Thermal fluid
  • Regeneration gas
  • Nitrogen

Some examples of our Process Heaters in action:

  • Regeneration heaters for gas drying
  • Gas storage heating using thermal fluid
  • Indirect air heaters for tobacco and the food industry
  • Air heater for drying polymers
  • Plume suppression in the oil and gas industries
  • Sea water heaters for regasification

Process Heater Types

We don’t do off-the-shelf Process Heaters. We start with feasibility studies to determine the most cost effective solutions for our clients. We work closely to customise detailed designs and consult through every step: from fabrication and installation to final commissioning and training
Our Process Heaters can be skid mounted if required

Direct-fired process heaters

Direct heating without the need for a heat exchanger

Process Heater with Recirculation

that help reduce NOx