Vaporiser – Shandong LNG Terminal

Project Details

Customer Name: Shandong LNG Terminal
The Brief: Provide heat for regasification of LNG
Location of Installation: Shandong, China
Products supplied: 4 off Submerged Combustion Vaporisers (SCV)
Project Duration: Typically 12 months

The Solution

Process Combustion in partnership with Selas Linde provided the latest SCV technology to Sinopec/LPEC for large scale regasification of LNG at the Shandong LNG terminal.

  • The Process Combustion SCV offers very high heat transfer efficiencies in the tube bundle and achieves levels of vaporisation efficiency over 99%.
  • The equipment supplied by Process Combustion included the burners, gas trains, control systems and ancilliary equipment. Process Combustion engineers travelled to China to commission the equipment which met all design requirements including throughput of LNG and emission limits.