Fire Fighting Training Unit

Project Details

Customer Name: Indian Navy
The Brief: Provide realistic LPG fire fighting training unit for naval personnel
Location of Installation: INS Shivaji, Lonavala, India
Products supplied: 2 off Fire Fighting Training Units and 1 off helicopter
Project Duration: Typically 9 months

The Solution

Process Combustion have supplied a comprehensive, state of the art, live fire fighting training facility to allow the Indian Navy to provide realistic training for naval personnel. The system can train 2,500 personnel per year.

  • The live fire training system consists of two units each containing 4 compartments which each contain 8 internal LPG fire scenarios. The fires include a control panel fire, distribution board fire, engine fire and bilge fire with fireball, burst pipe fire, TV fire with fireball, bunk bed fire, crew locker fire, cooker fire housing three fires with a fireball and a hot hatch with heater. There is also an external helicopter fire with a fireball and a demonstration area which has four changeable fires.
  • The facility allows the training officer to fully control the fire and regulate its development according to the competency of the fire fighters under training. The unit also has additional systems including variable lighting and artificial smoke to obscure the unit to add to realism levels.
  • Process Combustion have been involved in fire fighting training for 30 years. Over this time we have gained considerable experience in supplying LPG systems that have very high safety standards and are reliable and straightforward to operate and maintain. Process Combustion provide flexible, custom designed systems with full after-sales support.